• Humorous in a playful, mischievous, or facetious manner.

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Example Sentences

“It was a waggish prank, but everyone laughed once they got over the surprise of the water balloons.”

“While Joshua seems serious when you first meet him, he becomes quite waggish once he gets comfortable.”

“More waggish graphic novels appeal to students who have a hard time getting invested in text-only books.”

Word Origin

Middle English, late 16th century

Why this word?

Have you pulled any April Fools’ pranks? “Waggish” is an old-fashioned word that describes someone or something that is humorous in a playful way, and the base word can be used for similar effect. “Wag” is a noun that refers to a class clown or joker, while “waggery” describes a situation of general merriment and mischievousness. In Australia and New Zealand, a “wag” is someone playing hooky from school.

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