• A being responsible for the creation of the universe.
  • (In Platonic philosophy) The Maker or Creator of the world.

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Example Sentences

“The fall workshop was being led by a demiurge who wrote all of the plays for the community theater.” 

“I can’t claim to be a demiurge, because nothing would be possible without the amazing team that works with me.” 

“The city magazine named our new chef as a ‘demiurge to watch’ in the latest food issue.”

Word Origin

Greek, early 17th century

Why this word?

“Demiurge” comes from the Greek word “dēmiourgós,” meaning “skilled worker.” In Platonic philosophy, the Demiurge is the deity who created the universe out of raw material. The idea of the Demiurge evolved in other schools of philosophy and theological systems, but in its most modern form, “demiurge” can be used to describe the person responsible for a creative idea, such as the showrunner of a hit new comedy. “Demiurgic” is an adjective that describes a creative force or state of being, such as, “When I’m in the glass-blowing studio, I enter a demiurgic state of mind.”

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