• More formal term for “viz.” 
  • Namely; in other words (used to introduce a gloss or explanation).

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Example Sentences

“There will be plenty of vegetarian options at the reception, videlicet, enough for everyone who RSVP’d as vegetarian.” 

“I need you to bring all of the camping gear, viz., I don’t have anything.” 

“Try to use ‘videlicet’ only once or twice in your papers — it gets distracting if overused.”

Word Origin

Latin, mid-15th century

Why this word?

“I.e.” and “e.g.” are used to introduce examples in writing, but what about “viz.”? This is the abbreviation for “videlicet,” which means “namely; in other words.” Each of these introductory terms draws from Latin and serves a particular purpose, but “videlicet” (or “viz.”) is specifically used to reword and provide further explanation of a topic. For example, “I need a full inventory of supplies before I can begin the mural, viz., I can’t start without a ladder and all of the paint colors.”

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