• A person who cultivates grapes for winemaking.

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Example Sentences

“After the winery tour and tasting, you’ll have a chance to meet with the vigneron.”

“I come from five generations of French vignerons, but I don’t have any interest in farming — just in drinking wine.”

“The master vigneron is retiring next year, and I hope that I will be taking over the position at the winery.”

Word Origin

French, late 15th century

Why this word?

As with so many wine-related words, “vigneron” comes from French, related to “vigne,” meaning “vine.” A vigneron is a specific kind of winemaker — they start with the vine and the grapes. They cultivate the fruit and make the wine from their own harvest. By contrast, a vintner is someone who makes wine but does not have a hand in growing the grapes.

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