• Assistance and support in times of hardship and distress.


  • Give assistance or aid to.

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Example Sentences

“The country frequently offered succor to its allies in times of conflict.”

“Sebastian asked for his sister’s succor in picking out the perfect engagement ring.”

“Thankfully, the struggling swimmer was succored by the lifeguard.” 

Word Origin

Latin, mid-13th century

Why this word?

“Succor” came to English from Old French, which took inspiration from the Latin “succurrere,” meaning “run to the help of.” While the word can be used as a verb, it’s most often used as a noun, meaning “aid and support in times of hardship.” “Succor” is often confused with “sucker” in spoken conversation because they’re homophones — words that sound the same yet have different spellings and meanings. “Succorless” is sometimes used to describe someone or something “without assistance” or “helpless.” 

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