• Whispering, murmuring, or rustling.

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Example Sentences

“The susurrus of the afternoon shower is a soothing backdrop for reading.”

“I listen to the susurrus of the audience before the curtain goes up every night.”

“The forest may seem silent, but if you’re still, you’ll hear the susurrus of the creatures moving in the brush.”

Word Origin

Latin, 1820s

Why this word?

In Latin, “susurrus” is the noun for “a whisper,” and “susurrare” is the verb for “to murmur.” In English, the noun is spelled as either “susurrus” or “susurration.” It’s not technically an onomatopoeia (a word created to resemble a sound, such as “plop” or “meow”), but it’s pretty close. A susurrus can be a soft whisper or murmuring sound — it’s what you hear when the wind blows through leaves or when waves crash on the shore.

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