• (Gin rummy) A loss with no points scored.

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Example Sentences

“After that schneid, this will be my last hand.” 

“We need to break this schneid with a big win against the rivals.” 

“We’ve been on the schneid ever since the mascot jinxed the team by not doing the halftime dance.” 

Word Origin

German, mid-20th century

Why this word?

In German, “Schneid” is a slang word that loosely translates to “having courage or grit” in English. But “schneid” in English is far removed from that colloquialism — in the card game gin rummy, a schneid is a loss with no points scored, and the slang has extended into the world of sports to refer to a losing streak. People refer to being “on the schneid” or “off the schneid.” Etymologists can trace the word back to a German card game called “skat” and idioms surrounding Schneiders, “tailors” in German, but it’s enough to know that the references aren’t complimentary. 

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