• The state of being close to someone or something; proximity.
  • Close kinship.

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Example Sentences

“The dorm’s propinquity to the dining hall makes it a popular residence for student athletes.”

“Our propinquity to the neighbors means we can usually smell what they’re cooking for dinner.”

“Only those with a propinquity to the family received an invitation to the rehearsal dinner.”

Word Origin

Latin, 15th century

Why this word?

This formal term has a related modern slang term: “nepo baby.” Hollywood is rife with the so-called “nepotism babies,” or those who have gained notoriety, jobs, and wealth based on their propinquity to celebrity parents. “Propinquity” comes from the Latin term “propinquus,” meaning “near,” but it entered Old French as “propinquité” before appearing in Middle English. The noun can refer to a literal kinship, or it can refer to a state of being close to someone or something in proximity.

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