• Wander about aimlessly.

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Example Sentences

“Let’s stravaig before the sun sets and it’s too chilly.”

“I went stravaiging about the woods behind my house and I found an old log cabin.”

“My dog stravaigs around the pastures every afternoon unless it’s raining.”

Word Origin

Scottish, late 18th century

Why this word?

“But I digress…” The Scottish word “stravaig” comes from an obsolete word (“extravage”) that means “to digress, ramble.” That referred to a rambling speech pattern, like someone cutting themself off before getting too far off topic, but the word “stravaig” turned into a physical type of roaming. Someone might stravaig across the hills without a plan, just seeing where the day takes them. The word “stravaig” is more romantic than “getting lost.”

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