• Deep insight; great depth of knowledge or thought.
  • Great depth or intensity of a state, quality, or emotion.
  • A statement or idea that shows great knowledge or insight.

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Example Sentences

“Critics praised the artist’s second album for the profundity of the lyrics.”

“Carla was overwhelmed by the profundity of her emotions after the breakup.”

“His self-help book is full of helpful profundities such as ‘Nothing worth having comes easy.'”

Word Origin

Latin, mid-15th century

Why this word?

“Profundity” was originally used to denote the vastness and depth of the ocean before the noun’s meaning shifted to “depth of intellect, feeling, or spiritual mystery” in the 15th century. It developed from the Old French word “profundite” as well as the Latin words “profunditatem” (“depth, intensity, immensity”) and “profundus” (“deep, vast”). This is a great word to use when feeling overwhelmed or awed by something; for instance, you may experience a state of profundity when trying to comprehend the endlessness of the universe.

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