• (Formal or humorous) During or relating to the period after dinner or lunch.
  • (Medicine) Occurring after a meal.

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Example Sentences

“Would you like to take a postprandial walk after you finish your meal?”

“There was supposed to be dancing after the dinner, but everyone went home due to their postprandial sleepiness.”

“Make sure to take this postprandial medication for two weeks.”

Word Origin

Latin, early 19th century

Why this word?

Why say “after dinner” when you can do it in Latin? “Prandium” is the Latin word for “meal,” and when the prefixes “pre-” or “post-” are added to it, you get adjectives that apply for periods before and after meals, respectively. Denoting “postprandial” activities was likely important in the days of formal entertaining, but today it’s more for humorous effect. For example, “I can’t be held accountable for any faux pas I made in my postprandial stupor.” In the more common medical usage, “postprandial” applies to medication given or measurements that occur after a meal, such as a blood sugar reading. 

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