• (Of a person or an article of clothing) Smart and fashionable.

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Example Sentences

“I picked out a natty dress and blazer to wear to my interview next week.”

“You might normally wear jeans everyday, but this occasion calls for a natty selection.”

“She’s always so natty that it makes me want to update my wardrobe.”

Word Origin

Unknown, late 18th century

Why this word?

Open up a fashion magazine, turn on the TV, or scroll through social media, and you’ll find countless bits of advice for how to appear natty — that is, smart and fashionable. “Natty” was originally 18th-century slang that likely developed from the word “neat.” Personal style can vary all across the fashion spectrum, but “natty” will most likely describe a person or clothing on the more professional or preppy side. Perhaps it’s a tailored blazer paired with stylish jeans, or fun accessories added to normally sedate business attire.

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