• A habitual pleasure-seeker.

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Example Sentences

“Janelle is such a gadabout; don’t be surprised if she cancels because she made other plans.”

“Instagram culture is perfect for gadabouts always seeking to show off their latest adventures.”

“My sister is the gadabout, always out partying, but I’m much happier at home with a book.”

Word Origin

English, late 18th century

Why this word?

While yesterday’s word, “stravaig,” means “to wander aimlessly,” “gadabout” means to seek out something very specific: pleasure. A gadabout is “a habitual pleasure seeker” — we often think of pleasure as a flashier sort of satisfaction (adventurous travel, glamorous parties), but quiet comforts (nourishing food, cozy homes) can be just as fulfilling. The key for the gadabout is the habitually seeking nature — if something doesn’t satisfy, move on to the next.

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