• A frivolous, flighty, or excessively talkative person.

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Example Sentences

“On the flight out here, I sat next to a flibbertigibbet who talked my ear off, so I didn’t get any sleep.”

“He seems like quite a flibbertigibbet when you first meet him, but he’s actually studying pre-med.”

“The gaggle of flibbertigibbets was quite loud, but they were having the most fun out of everyone at the party.”

Word Origin

British English, mid-16th century

Why this word?

Onomatopoeic words, or imitative words, are those that were created to duplicate certain sounds. Animal noises such as “bark,” “neigh,” and “hiss” fit the bill, but so do more human activities such as “hum,” “shush,” and “clap.” Those onomatopoeias are pretty straightforward, but “flibbertigibbet” was created for an excessively talkative, flighty sort of person. Just imagine a chatty character, cheeping away so quickly that you can’t quite make out what they are saying — it might sound like “flibbertigibbet.”

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