• A quality of passion and inspiration. 
  • (In the folklore of Spain, Portugal, Latin America, and the Philippines) A supernatural being or spirit resembling a pixie or imp.

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Example Sentences

“The duende behind his recycled-material sculptures is inspired by the ocean.”

“The flamenco dancers expressed duende through their movements across the ballroom.”

“My grandmother told me so many stories about the duende when I visited her during summer.”

Word Origin

Spanish, late 17th century

Why this word?

The duende, a mythological figure found in Latin American, Spanish, and Filipino lore, is a mischievous figure that features in stories ranging from merely playful to downright terrifying. However, the Spanish loanword is also a romantic word meaning “a quality of passion and inspiration.” Artists, designers, writers, creators, dancers — all are inhabited by the spirit of duende.

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