• Dried through overcooking.

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Example Sentences

“If I keep the food warm in the oven any longer, it’s going to be zamzawed.” 

“Make sure to fill up before the party; she’s notorious for zamzawed dishes.”

“I forgot to set the oven timer, and my cupcakes came out all zamzawed.”

Word Origin

British dialect, late 18th century

Why this word?

The spelling appears a few different ways (“zamzod,” “zamzaw’d,” “samsawed,” “zamsod,” and a few other phonetic variations), but this bit of Devonshire slang describes food that has been dried out by overcooking it. It likely comes from the Germanic prefix “sam-” (meaning “half”) and “sod” (meaning “boiled”), but instead of meaning “half-boiled,” the usage turned into “overcooked.”

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