• (Of a ship) Responding promptly to the helm; easily manageable.

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Example Sentences

“Despite the ship’s large size, it was surprisingly yare on sharp turns.”

“Nancy traded in her car for something less flashy but more yare.”

“The captain was relieved to find the ship yare, despite the choppy waves.”

Word Origin

Germanic, pre-12th century

Why this word?

This nautical term developed from the Middle English word “gearu,” meaning “prepared, ready.” It’s also thought to be related to the Dutch word “gaar” (“done, dressed”) and the German word “gar” (“ready”). Bigger ships are likely to be less yare than smaller ones, especially when it comes to emergency stops. A CNN article likens the experience of steering a huge ship to driving around a small, floating city without any brakes. The captains of enormous container and cruise ships rely on modified steering wheels and a good sense of weather and direction to ensure smooth sailing.

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