• Relating to a fox or foxes.
  • Crafty; cunning.

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Example Sentences

“My neighbor’s new dog has a small, vulpine face and black whiskers.”

“When the film’s villain was revealed, his expression changed from a smile to a vulpine glare.”

“The vulpine rescue rehabilitates foxes that have been injured and returns them to the wild.”

Word Origin

Latin, early 17th century

Why this word?

“Vulpine” (from the Latin “vulpīnus” for “foxlike”) invokes the image of the fox, a diligent predator known for its craftiness. The similar word “lupine” describes a relation to wolves. Even when not referring to the animals specifically, the adjectives invoke the traits associated with wolves and foxes. “Lupine” often describes ravenous hunger, and “vulpine” points to a crafty cunning.

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