• Of or affecting the trunk of the body, or of a nerve.

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Example Sentences

“I’m going to the doctor for a pinched truncal nerve.” 

“After sitting in front of the computer, doing some truncal stretches will help your back feel better.”

“Do you feel pain in your truncal area, or is it more in your legs?”

Word Origin

Latin, mid-19th century

Why this word?

Certain words are limited to use in specific fields, and there are entire dictionaries devoted to medical terminology. “Truncal” is an adjective likely only used by doctors and others in the medical field to describe things affecting the trunk of the body. For example, a dermatologist might treat truncal acne (located on the back or chest), and another doctor might treat a patient experiencing truncal weakness after a stroke. Anything to do with the body between the shoulders and the hips is truncal.

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