• The fear that time to act is running out.

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Example Sentences

“I raced to the train station with the Torschlusspanik that I was going to miss the last train of the evening.” 

“Even though I know there will always be more, I feel Torschlusspanik when I get to the office on bagel Friday mornings.” 

“The feeling of Torschlusspanik is creeping in, and I know I need to ask her to prom before next weekend.”

Word Origin

German, 1960s

Why this word?

Down to the wire, sneaking it in, buzzer-beater, 11th hour, last chance saloon — there are many English idioms for what German has in one word, “Torschlusspanik.” This word literally translates as “gate-shut panic,” and it’s that feeling one gets during the last-minute race to get something done or get somewhere on time when the clock is running down. 

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