• An outward part or appearance.
  • A surface.

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Example Sentences

“Michelangelo crafted superficies that seem so realistic, you would expect the marble body to be warm to the touch.”

“While he displayed a stoic superficies to the public, he was actually very sensitive in his private life.”

“The superficies of the pool deck needs to be textured so people don’t slip when it’s wet.

Word Origin

Latin, mid-16th century

Why this word?

“Superficies” is a more literary precursor to the word “superficial” — both describe the outward surface or appearance of something. “Superficies” developed from the Latin words “super” (“above”) and “facies” (“face”). It can be used to describe the literal surface of an object, or it can be used in a more metaphorical outward sense.

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