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  • A temporary stay.


  • Stay somewhere temporarily.

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Example Sentences

“We’ll sojourn in Lisbon, but we have a much longer stay planned for the Azores.”

“Do you want to sojourn in a hotel, or do you want to find a house we can rent for the summer?”

“We don’t have anything planned for the city, so it will just be a quick sojourn on our way to the beach.”

Word Origin

Latin, early 14th century

Why this word?

In its earliest usage, the word “journey” was used to describe a day’s travel, a day’s work — anything that could be accomplished within a day. It comes from the Latin “diurnum,” or “daily portion.” The word “sojourn” shares this root, and it specifies short travel and temporary stays. Perhaps it’s a day trip, or even an overnight stay, but on a sojourn, you’re not staying long.

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