• A small patio or sheltered area outside a house, suitable for sitting in for relaxation or socializing.

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Example Sentences

“In case of rain, we can move the garden party to the sitooterie.” 

“On the weekend, I can relax and read in my sitooterie for hours.”

“The sitooterie is blocked from the view of the house by a large barrier of rose bushes.”

Word Origin

Scottish, 1920s

Why this word?

Imagine the 1920s with glamorous outdoor garden parties and soirées. These events would naturally be held in a special place — the sitooterie, perhaps. This fanciful term isn’t a nonsense word; in fact, it has a sensible structure. We know the word “sit”; “oot” is “out” in a Scottish accent, and the suffix “-erie” (or “-ery” as sometimes the word is spelled “sitootery”) denotes a place set aside for something. “Sitooterie” was coined in Scotland in the 1920s to describe an outdoor sitting area, sometimes with a gazebo or other similar structure.

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