• Boastful or inflated talk or behavior.


  • Talk boastfully.

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Example Sentences

“He’s too likely to go on a rambling rodomontade to be allowed to give a speech to the board.”

“When I get excited about a new idea, I have a tendency to rodomontade.”

“Being proud of your accomplishments is a good thing, but you want to avoid demonstrations of rodomontade.”

Word Origin

Italian, early 17th century

Why this word?

In the tradition of classical Italian poetry, Rodomonte was a boastful king in the late-15th-century epic “Orlando Innamorato.” The character also made a reappearance in the 1516 sequel “Orlando Furioso.” While written by different poets, both versions of the character carried traits of bombastic fierceness and tended to go on blustering rants. Rodomonte made enough of an impression that by the late 16th century, “rodomont” was used in English as a synonym for “braggart.” While rare today, the word “rodomontade” has modern application as both a noun for boastful talk and a verb for engaging in such activity.

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