• Such as to provoke laughter.
  • (Of a person) Having the faculty or power of laughing; inclined to laugh.

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Example Sentences

“I was in a grumpy mood, but the risible new Netflix cartoon show turned it around.”

“A few risible comments and a well-timed story earned him the reputation as the life of the party.”

“I can’t sit next to my risible colleague in meetings, because we’ll laugh the entire time.”

Word Origin

Latin, mid-16th century

Why this word?

“Risible” is a funny word — literally. It comes from the Latin word “risus,” which is a conjugation of the verb “ridēre,” meaning “to laugh.” As an adjective, “risible” is used to describe anything related to laughing. It could refer to something funny that causes laughter, or to a person who is prone to laughing. The next time something tickles your funny bone, instead of claiming it’s hilarious, try “risible,” “comical,” “ludicrous,” or “droll.”

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