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Example Sentences

“The rugged pulchritude of the American West is preserved in art and poetry from the 19th century.”

“Artists lined up to paint the princess, who had a reputation of grace and pulchritude.”

“My photos don’t do justice to the pulchritude of the sunset over the ocean.”

Word Origin

Latin, mid-15th century

Why this word?

As unbeautiful as the word may sound to your ears, “pulchritude” stems directly from the Latin “pulcher,” which means “beautiful.” The noun “pulchritude” is likely only used in a literary or poetic sense for “beauty,” but there’s also the adjective “pulchritudinous,” which means “beautiful.” There’s a whole category of English words that don’t sound like their definitions: “Suffrage” is not suffering, but rather the right to vote, and “noisome” isn’t noisy, but it describes an extremely offensive smell.

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