• Leave out of consideration.
  • Cut off or separate from something.

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Example Sentences

“We decided to prescind any discussions about the community budget and leave them for a separate budget meeting.”

“I’m afraid I’ll have to prescind from this committee as more pressing matters have come up.”

“Let me prescind your proposal until I have a chance to review it.”

Word Origin

Latin, mid-17th century

Why this word?

The Latin term “praescindo” translates roughly into the phrase “I cut off in front.” The English verb “prescind” has two usages: The first means to remove a certain item from consideration, and the second is to remove yourself or separate from something. Both applications involve a cutting in the figurative sense, but are still closely related to the Latin origin. The Latin root includes the verb “scindere,” meaning “to cut,” which is recognizable as the origin of the word “scissors.”

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