• A drink. 
  • The action of drinking alcohol.
  • (Often potations) A drinking bout.

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Example Sentences

“Let’s go out for a potation to celebrate your new job!”

“Most of the plans for the bachelor party include copious potation.”

“The potations of my college days are a bit blurry.”

Word Origin

Latin, early 15th century

Why this word?

Po-TEY-tion, po-TAH-tion. Actually, “potation” has nothing to do with potatoes (and the former is the correct pronunciation). The Latin verb “potare” means “to drink,” and that turned into “potation” in Old French and then Middle English. The modern definition of “potation” is “a drink,” or “the action of drinking alcohol.” Bartender’s choice when you ask for a potation at your favorite watering hole.

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