• The conventional spelling system of a language.
  • The study of spelling and how letters combine to represent sounds and form words.

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Example Sentences

“She learned how to speak French by traveling and speaking to people, so her orthography isn’t always accurate.”

“There’s more to writing a novel than correct orthography and proper grammar.”

“Every language has its own unique orthography.”

Word Origin

Latin, mid-15th century

Why this word?

Orthography is, quite simply, spelling. It’s the way the letters of the alphabet are combined to make words. Different languages have their own spellings, accents, and even alphabets, so each language has its own unique orthography. You’ll even find differences between the orthographies of British and American English. Romance languages, such as Spanish, Italian, French, and Portuguese, all stem from Latin, so they have similar orthographies. You may not be able to completely understand another Romance language, but you’ll likely be able to recognize it.

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