• An instrument of thought, especially a means of reasoning or a system of logic.

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Example Sentences

“The doctoral student followed an organon of peer-reviewed documents, books, and studies to inform her work.”

“Asking the librarian for research help was my organon of choice before the internet existed.”

“As a fantasy writer, he has created a complex organon and magic system for this book series.”

Word Origin

Greek, late 16th century

Why this word?

Any philosophy student should be familiar with Aristotle’s “Organon,” but the ancient Greek philosopher didn’t call it that himself. The “Organon” is a collection of six of Aristotle’s fundamental writings on logic, compiled and named as such by his 15th-century followers. The word “organon” comes from Greek, and literally means “instrument, organ.” Even when not referring directly to Aristotle’s logic, an organon can be any framework of reasoning or a tool used to guide thought.

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