• Cloudy, misty.
  • (Figurative) Unclear.

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Example Sentences

“The morning fog cast a nubilous blanket over the pond.”

“I can’t see through the nubilous clouds to the ground below.” 

“It’s still nubilous whether she will attend the reception.”

Word Origin

Latin, mid-16th century

Why this word?

The words share the same Latin root meaning “cloudy,” but “nebulous” gained more of a foothold in the English language than “nubilous.” Both share similar definitions as well: They are adjectives for a cloudy or misty scene, but they also can be used figuratively for an unclear situation or sentiment. So, when should you use “nubilous” instead of “nebulous”? For a writer with a lyrical style, the choice is nubilous.

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