• An occupation or activity that one is good at.
  • An outstanding or advantageous characteristic.

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Example Sentences

“When you find your métier, do whatever you need to follow your dream.” 

“I was surprised to be praised for my drawing skills as a métier — my teachers always told me I shouldn’t be doodling in class.”

“If you can find a métier that can also be a well-paying job, you are quite lucky.”

Word Origin

French, late 18th century

Why this word?

Sometimes a concept just sounds better in French. Such is the case for “métier,” a French loanword that originally described any trade or occupation, but evolved to be used primarily for roles someone excelled at, or that seemed to fulfill a calling. For example, a construction worker might leave the job site to realize their métier as a furniture maker. Or a restaurant server might find their métier as a pastry chef. 

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