• The philosophy or ethos of trying to achieve balance in one’s life.

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Example Sentences

“My resolution for the next school year is to slow down and embrace the principle of lagom.”

“Renee is a model of lagom — I’ve never seen her the slightest bit perturbed.”

“After deciding to forgo law school, I feel a sense of lagom in my lower-pressure job.”

Word Origin

Swedish, mid-20th century

Why this word?

Our modern, hectic lives often seem to revolve around work and constant productivity, which could lead to burnout. “Lagom” is a word adopted from Swedish that loosely translates to “just right.” The Swedish philosophy is an ethos that embraces having just enough in all areas of life, with the idea that it will lead to greater contentment overall. Instead of constantly striving for more, sit back and enjoy the serenity of lagom.

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