• A conversation, discussion, or meeting.

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Example Sentences

“There’s a roundtable korero every evening at the conference.”

“If you can’t make the morning korero, let me know ahead of time.” 

“I want to have a korero with everyone on the team by the end of the year.”

Word Origin

Maori, mid-19th century

Why this word?

Originally from the Maori language, “korero” is also used in New Zealand English as a noun for a conversation, but more specifically, a formal discussion. In Maori, “kōrero” is used as both a verb (“to speak”) and a noun (“speech,” “conversation”) in a general sense, but as soon as it moves to an English context, there is more formality. For example, at the National Library of New Zealand in Wellington, there’s a permanent exhibit documenting the 19th-century constitutional documents of Aotearoa New Zealand. One feature of the exhibit, called “Kōrero,” features video interviews of modern citizens sharing what it means to be Kiwi, Maori, and the importance of the culture.

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