• Join by intertwining or fitting closely together.

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Example Sentences

“The two trees had grown so closely together that their branches were inosculated.”

“There are five versions of the toy that inosculate when you have all of them.”

“The kittens were inosculated together in the basket.”

Word Origin

Latin, late 17th century

Why this word?

“Inosculate” developed from a combination of the words “into” and the Latin word “osculare,” which means “to provide with a mouth or outlet.” “Inosculate” is a verb describing the act of joining by intertwining — like how ivy inosculates with tree branches. Some living creatures inosculate in a symbiotic relationship, depending on each other to survive and thrive. For example, remora fish share a symbiotic relationship with sharks and some whales; they attach themselves onto the larger animal, helping to keep them clean while seeking shelter from predators.

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