• Unable to be resisted or avoided; inescapable.

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Example Sentences

“As city council members, we need to acknowledge that change in our community is ineluctable.”

“The logs were caught in the ineluctable flow of the river.”

“It seemed ineluctable that Francesca’s childhood hobby would turn into a career as an artist.”

Word Origin

Latin, early 17th century

Why this word?

This adjective originated from the Latin word “ineluctabilis,” which results from a combination of the words “in” (“not”) and “eluctari” (“struggle out”). Something ineluctable is unable to be escaped — such as the passage of time — while its opposite would be something avoidable or preventable. Ancient Greek mythology introduced the Fates, three women who controlled one’s ineluctable destiny. Each woman was responsible for a different aspect of a person’s lifetime: One spun the thread of life, another measured it to determine the length of that life, and the third cut the thread at the end of life.

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