• (The hyaline) A thing that is clear and translucent like glass, especially a smooth sea or a clear sky.


  • Having a glassy, translucent appearance.
  • Relating to, consisting of, or characterized by hyaline material.

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Example Sentences

“In my zoology class, we examined a glass frog’s anatomy through its hyaline skin.”

“The airplane dipped and soared through the hyaline.”

“The sea was so still and clear that it appeared hyaline.”

Word Origin

Latin, mid-17th century

Why this word?

Something described as hyaline has a glassy, translucent appearance. Even some organisms with a semitranslucent appearance are called hyaline. Jellyfish, perhaps one of the world’s most recognizably hyaline organisms, are not fish. Instead, they are very simple invertebrates that are 95% water and lack internal organs beyond a nervous system called a “nerve net.” These attributes help give jellyfish their ethereal, hyaline appearance.

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