• (North American) A dealer in men’s clothing.
  • (British) A dealer in small items used in sewing.

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Example Sentences

“He stopped at the haberdasher before his vacation to replenish his summer wardrobe.”

“The tailor and the haberdasher were located next door to each other, making for a perfect business arrangement.”

“My grandfather worked at the same haberdasher for 45 years before he retired.”

Word Origin

Anglo-Norman, early 17th century

Why this word?

“Haberdasher” is a North American word for a clothier that specializes in men’s items. If you don’t fancy “haberdasher,” try “boutique,” “salon,” “emporium,” “showroom,” or “repository.” However, a British haberdasher is more likely to sell sewing accessories than men’s clothing. The word likely came from the Anglo-Norman word “hapteras,” a type of fabric, which makes sense for both types of haberdasher.

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