• Pleased, satisfied, and contented.

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Example Sentences

“After a long walk and a few treats, the dog was gruntled.”

“Despite Tom Sawyer annoying those around him, he always managed to keep his guardians gruntled.”

“Mr. Robinson was appropriately gruntled after several of his wife’s freshly baked cookies.”

Word Origin

English, 1930s

Why this word?

What’s a good antonym for “disgruntled”? “Happy”? Not descriptive enough. At least that’s what someone in the 1930s must have thought when they came up with “gruntled” as a back-formation of “gruntled.” A back-formation is the creation of a new word, usually by removing a prefix or suffix, from an already existing one. Use the adjective “gruntled” to replace “pleased,” “satisfied,” “contented,” “grateful,” “thankful,” “thrilled,” or any of the other antonyms for “disgruntled.”

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