• A spicy paste used in Korean cooking, made from red chili peppers, fermented soybeans, rice, and salt.

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Example Sentences

“My family is on a challenge to try one new food a week; this week it’s gochujang.”

“The special today is a spicy shrimp rice bowl with gochujang, cucumber, radishes, and carrots.”

“After I tried gochujang at the Korean restaurant, I bought a jar of the spicy condiment to keep at home.”

Word Origin

Korean, mid-20th century

Why this word?

Gochujang might be a newer addition to American pantries, but this spicy red condiment has long been a staple of Korean cuisine. In Korean, “gochu” means “red pepper” and “jang” means “sauce.” You can easily find gochujang at a Korean restaurant, but you can also pick it up at most well-stocked grocery stores. Try it on a rice bowl, as a marinade for meat, in a vegetable stir-fry, or to spice up a soup.

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