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  • Go around from one place to another in the pursuit of pleasure or entertainment.

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Example Sentences

“If you pay attention to his social media, he looks like he’s gallivanting around the world.” 

“Instead of staying at home for New Year’s, let’s gallivant around the city.”

“It’s our last day in the city, so I will be gallivanting around to every place I missed.”

Word Origin

Old French, early 19th century

Why this word?

“Gallivant” is thought to come from “gallant,” which in the 17th century was used to describe the courting process. There’s a certain flippant quality to gallivanting, but it doesn’t have to have negative connotations. It can imply a lack of seriousness, but when it comes to travel, gallivanting can mean an itinerary filled to the brim with fun excursions and hopping from exciting activities to new adventures.

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