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  • A habitual pleasure-seeker.

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Example Sentences

“My cousin is such a gadabout — she’s always posting photos from a new fun location.”

“You can call me a gadabout, but I’m always looking for the upside in a situation.”

“The scheduled itinerary was canceled, so let’s be gadabouts and book a trip somewhere we’ve never been.”

Word Origin

English, mid-18th century

Why this word?

To “gad” means to “go around from one place to another, in the pursuit of pleasure or entertainment,” so a gadabout is someone who literally gads about. For example, a gadabout might be someone who wants to try a new restaurant every Friday night. Most often, though, the context of “gadabout” is in travel — the pleasure-seeker might hop from exotic beaches to culturally inspiring cities to restful havens. 

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