• Delightful; joyous.

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Example Sentences

“The bridesmaids were filled with frabjous anticipation before the bride came in to see the groom.” 

“The first sunny and warm day makes my class positively frabjous at recess.” 

“She shouted with frabjous glee when she saw her mother waiting for her at baggage claim.”

Word Origin

British English, 1871

Why this word?

If you’ve ever been overcome by a feeling of glee so fabulous and joyful that it couldn’t be contained, “frabjous” is the adjective for you. “Alice in Wonderland” author Lewis Carroll coined it in his 1871 book, “Through the Looking-Glass,” as a blend of either “fabulous” and “joyous,” or “fair” and “joyous.” Besides “frabjous,” the book includes “mimsy,” a blend of “miserable” and “flimsy”; “galumph,” a blend of “gallop” and “triumph”; and “chortle,” which combines “chuckle” and “snort.”

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