• Deliberately avoid using; abstain from.

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Example Sentences

“Since I found out I am lactose intolerant, I eschew dairy, but I had some ice cream on my birthday.”

“Some religious faiths require followers to eschew certain foods or activities as a part of their practice.”

“I’m allergic to certain fragrances, so I have eschewed using any scented body products.”

Word Origin

Germanic, mid-14th century

Why this word?

What does eschewing something from your life have to do with being shy? The relationship is etymological, as the words “eschew” and “shy” both originate from an Old German verb that meant “to frighten off.” “Eschew” evolved to mean “to deliberately avoid using” rather than “to scare something off.” Frightening your server is one way to ensure you don’t get served dairy or gluten, but it’s not advised.

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