• Enchant; fascinate.

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Example Sentences

“The dancer could ensorcell even the most bored audience with her captivating performances.”

“Even though he was still a child, he seemed to be able to ensorcell everyone from his teachers to his friends.”

“I tried to ensorcell the check-in staff for a room upgrade, but my charm didn’t seem to work.”

Word Origin

Old French, mid-16th century

Why this word?

“Ensorcell” — meaning “to captivate” or “to enchant” — shares the same roots as “sorcerer” in French. In Old French, a “sorcier” was a magician or a wizard, but the Latin root “sors” had more to do with fate than magic. However, the English word “magic” comes from the Persian language. In Old Persian, a “magus” was a magician with otherworldly powers.

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