• Heaven, in particular the highest part of heaven.
  • (Literary) The visible heavens; the sky.


  • Relating to heaven or the sky.

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Example Sentences

“The astronauts were awed by the empyrean outside the space shuttle window.”

“While the planetarium couldn’t fully replicate the empyrean wonder of the night sky, it came very close.”

“The scientists prepared the rocket for its empyrean journey.”

Word Origin

Latin, mid-17th century

Why this word?

“Empyrean” comes from the Greek word “empurios,” from “en” (“in”) and “pur” (“fire”). It can be used as a noun and a verb, both relating to the heavens and the sky. The noun “empyrean” specifically denotes the highest part of the heavens — in medieval times, the highest heavens were believed to possess their own fire, which is likely how the word “empyrean” developed. The adjective “empyrean” describes anything relating to the sky or the heavens. You can use this word to describe stars, clouds, planets, rockets, and outer space exploration.

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