• Omit (a sound or syllable) when speaking.
  • Join together; merge.

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Example Sentences

“This poet is known for his ability to elide letters and syllables for the sake of rhyme and rhythm.”

“His accent means he tends to elide the final letters of many words.”

“These concepts seem different, but they will elide in your mind when you study them more.”

Word Origin

Latin, mid-16th century

Why this word?

While “elide” comes from the Latin verb “elidere,” which means “to strike or dash out,” its modern usage has evolved. Now, eliding something joins together pieces that were previously separate. Under the first definition, a writer may elide letters from a word to create a contraction — “do not” becomes “don’t” and “you are” becomes “you’re.” The second definition rises from this process, as the two words elide (join) to become one. 

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