• Shining brightly; radiant.
  • (Of a person or their expression) Emanating joy or goodness.

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Example Sentences

“The fountain lit up with an effulgent glow at night.”

“I couldn’t hide my effulgent smile when I saw the handmade cards my kids made for my birthday.”

“The weather was perfect, and everyone was in an effulgent mood for the day at the park.”

Word Origin

Latin, mid-18th century

Why this word?

This shining adjective can refer to a literal glow of light, or it can be more figurative. Think of “effulgent” as beaming happiness, or a personality that radiates kindness. “Effulgent” is one of those adjectives that can also transform into other parts of speech. “Effulgence” is the noun, referring to a quality of brilliance, and “effulgently” is the adverb, used when something is done in an effulgent manner.

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