• A documentary following people in a particular occupation or location over a period of time.

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Example Sentences

“I spent all weekend binge-watching my favorite docusoaps.”

“I mostly watch crime dramas, but every once in a while I’ll watch a dating docusoap.” 

“With all the streaming services airing their own docusoaps, I can’t pick which one to follow.”

Word Origin

British English, 1990s

Why this word?

Before the Kardashian and Bachelor empires, there were docusoaps. This genre of television came about in the 1990s, with the word “docusoap” combining “documentary” and “soap opera.” On the surface, the shows documented the real-life activities of a group of people, but the entertainment factor was presented in the format of a soap opera. Early incarnations of the docusoap include “The Real World,” “Big Brother,” and “Survivor,” but the genre continues today with series such as “Selling Sunset,” “The Real Housewives,” and more iterations of previously successful docusoaps. 

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