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Example Sentences

“She seemed upset, but I let her know that everything was copacetic.”

“The classroom was in disarray after the art project, but it was copacetic by the time I left for the day.”

“We’re copacetic over here; you can focus on helping the other guests.”

Word Origin

North American English, early 20th century

Why this word?

“Copacetic” is an informal slang word used to convey that everything is alright. It’s become associated with 1960s American hippie and surf culture, but that’s likely not the true origin of the term. Some historians trace “copacetic” to 19th-century African American dialects, while some lexicographers point to origins in the Pacific Northwest. Others believe it was adapted from a Yiddish phrase. Whatever the beginnings, picture the classic surfer hand gesture of the thumb and pinky sticking out for a visual representation of the easygoing adjective “copacetic.”

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